IoT Platform

IoT Platform

Haroob’s Iot platform uses advanced infrastructure and software applications to connect devices, people and systems to provide a world-class enterprise level performance solution to meet the needs of the modern business.

What is an IoT Platform?

The internet of things is a simple mechanism of placing sensors and chips in smart meters, distribution networks, production centers, that establishes network connectivity and transmit data to your business command center.  Haroob IoT platform captures the data from the meter, connect to network and then provides insights to business to operate efficiently and effectively. 

Challenge Today

Today’s world utilities such as water, electricity and gas companies face several challenges such as not having full visibility and control of the metering systems deployed in customer premises, increased cost of operations supporting meters and meter reading, no effective means to monitor the production centres and distribution networks, just to name a few. In addition, the consumer market demands a continued supply of water and energy. 

Haroob’s IoT platform provides the connectivity and near real-time control of the metering devices that will enable business to overcome the above challenges. The platform produces the following benefits:

Reduce Complexity

Reduce complexity and create seamless business operations by consolidating management of all devices in a single device management platform


Monitor your devices - consumer metering & distribution systems 24x7, get performance reports & optimize overall operational expenses

Reduce Downtime

Reduce downtime, increase revenues & improve your customer experience by deploying utilizing the IoT platform tailor made for your business

Reduce cost

Reduce the network and connectivity costs that are payable to telecom providers and operational costs of deploying staff on the field


Plan for customer demands by analysing consumption and increase satisfaction by pro-actively resolving issues through a single platform

To learn more about Haroob’s IoT platform and how it can help increase efficiency and operational excellence of your business please contact your regional representative for a confidential discussion.