Smart Metering

Intelligent Meter Solutions

Leverage the power of IoT with a convergence of Sensors, Gateways and our platform.


We offer a secure and scalable solution to resolve the challenges in a metering infrastructure. Our Smart Metering solution acquires, manages and reports energy data from the electricity and water meters such as water flow, velocity, pressure etc. These critical info enable energy managers & utilities to easily target the consumption pattern and also helps them perform demand planning. It paves the way to reduce consumption, thereby saving valuable energy resources. Conservation can happen only with proper information, which is the focal point of our solution.

Remote Meter Reading

Remotely collect meter reading units from water and energy meters


Monitor and acquire meter status, battery life, IO voltage, flow pressure etc.,

Fault Management

Detect power imbalances, water leakages, power/water quality etc.,


Hourly/daily/monthly usage reports to define the consumption pattern


Notification of abnormalities such as overload, current fluctuations / leakages

Predictive maintenance

Proactive monitoring of the meters and escalate before the issues are aggrevated

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