Smart Meter Solution

Smart Meter Solution

Haroob Smart Meter Solution is an end-to-end automated system that gives your business full control and visibility of every unit right from production center to distribution system to the consumption by the customer.

Are you a water or energy company looking to advance your business with smart meter technology and increase the ROI?

Haboob offers Smart meter solutions with integrated software application to manage your entire end-to-end business operations. We provide world-class secure custom made Smart Meters and software solution to manage your customers, remote meter operations, billing and accounts, reports, network infrastructure to connect to your smart meters and distribution monitoring. Our solution includes both pre-paid and post-paid options.

We are an international company with proven performance in the local market. We bring the world class technology at your door steps. We understand the challenges and economies of the region. We provide effective and cost-effective solution customized to meet your business needs.

Haroob offers performance guarantee that we will maximize your operation efficiency. Haroob also provides local support throughout the lifetime of the project.

Metering & Accounting

Count every drop or unit consumed with our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and have full visibility of the costs and supply to consumers.

Fault Management

Raise alerts and prompts when there is a critical issue in meters or communications or network via email, sms or dashboard alerts for escalation.

Demand Monitoring & Control

With collection of data you can know the demands and load of distribution of water or electricity and better plan for peak times and low supply

Advanced Analytics

Get insights into critical data such as power patterns, water flow trends, etc. & get decision-able information for maintenance, optimization etc.,

Device Management

Our integrated panel for managing meters has features to configure & monitor all of your meters deployed at different geo-locations seamlessly.

Wireless Energy Management

Our meter solution provides wireless connectivity with meters using our own secure and stable network providing complete autonomy in operations

Smart Reporting

Automated reports on usage and consumption helps you to remotely identify & proactively assess issues to reduce maintenance costs and extend asset life.

Policy & Standards Compliance

Our smart meter devices meet international safety standards and are in compliance with regulations like ISO 50001

Unparalleled support

Our unparalleled support and performance guarantee will ensure that your operations are run smoothly to meet your business objectives.